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Nord Leather Tassel

Normaalihinta €35,00
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €35,00
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The Leather Tassel is a modern accessory for the Nord Rug. It is attachable by a button on each corner of the Nord Rug. It is handcrafted by upcycling the finest lambskin leather sourced as off-cuts from the luxury industry in Italy.
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General Info

  • Organic Jute, Covered in Natural Latex
  • Prevents Rug From Sliding
  • Make Rug Feel Thicker & Softer
  • Free of Chemicals & Pesticides
  • Made in Germany

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Suosittelemme käyttämään mattotyynyä, kuten luomulaatuamme Anti-Slip™ Mat.

Matto muuttaa väriä ajan myötä, jos se asetetaan auringonpaisteeseen.

Climate Impact

The Anti-Slip™ Mat is sustainably made in Germany, using organic jute, covered in a layer of natural latex.